Welcome to Inner Earth

Who we are:

I am Pete McKee, sometimes called the Cordillera Cowboy.  I have retired from the US Army, and from an assortment of civilian jobs after that, including museum work and various aspects of the transportation industry.  I grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and have held to the dream of retiring to a small farm in the mountains.

Marlyn McKee is my wife, and the brains of the operation.  She grew up on a farm here in Nueva Vizcaya.  Marlyn is retired from multiple careers in hotel and restaurant management, and in internet technology.  She has worked in Europe and the United States.  Her passion has always been gardening, whether on a small balcony in Europe, or a large suburban lot in the U.S.  She is indulging that passion now in our place.  Inner Earth.

What we are:

Inner Earth is a mixed use farm where we grow a variety of fruits and vegetables.  We also raise livestock. Marlyn handles the horticultural side of things. Our fruit orchards are her largest endeavor, with approximately 500 trees of various types. Of course, there are also a number of vegetable crops planted. Among them are, camotes (yams), beans, petchay (a salad green), peppers, bitter melon, squash, and others. At present, the vegetables produce only enough for personal use by us and the staff. As we grow, we hope to produce some of our vegetables in commercial quantities.

My job is to handle the livestock, and under no circumstance to allow them (or me) to harm the planted crops. At present, we have a growing flock of poultry, a breeding pair of cows, and a horse.

We are also working on a reforestation project and do our part to support wildlife habitat on our property. Sightings so far include quail, bitterns, couqual, Philippine grass owls, and some, as yet unidentified, raptors. We are also in the path of many species of migratory birds. As we develop, we hope to also become a destination for agri and eco-tourism.

Where we are:

Inner Earth lies in the rolling hills outside Solano, Nueva Vizcaya, on the island of Luzon, Philippines. To our west and south, are the Cordillera and Carabalo Sur mountains. The Cagayan Valley sprawls out to our east. Beyond that, the Sierra Madre Mountains rise. Our elevation catches the cooling breezes and provides us with some lovely scenery.

We invite you to read along and perhaps one day, honor us with a visit. We will be happy to show you around.


Take care,

Pete McKee,

The Cordillera Cowboy

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Inner Earth

    • Thanks Pete! Hope you enjoy it. My goal at present is to update at least monthly. My writing commitments so far are this blog, and a monthly article for liveinthephilipines.com

      Take care,
      Cordillera Cowboy

  1. Hey Pete, I see your coming a long way. Been tryin to keep up on your posts. I finally got internet on a phone & can use my laptop now while taking breaks from working on this new place & events. Now that I’m single again I still plan to come over & check it out there. Maybe find me a good woman for a change over there, lol. Marcella took off about 3 years ago with some trucker & went wild.

    • Good to hear from you Trapper! We’re moving along slowly but steadily.

      Come on over and have a look around. Sorry to hear about Marcella. Come over to see the place, and experience the way of life. Don’t worry much about finding a woman. There are good and bad ones here, as there are anywhere else.

      Take care,

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